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April 25th - June 4th

What makes Athletic Ascension group training different?

Athletic Ascension Adult Group Training is going to be Awesome! 

In most exercise classes you turn up, an unfamiliar face in a sea of nervous people (plus some die hards! Usually wearing sweat band and questionable attire) and nervously watch an over zealous instructor briefly explain a bunch of unfamiliar complex movements before the battle cry of "Alright Let's go!!".

And as you struggle through with no real idea of whether or not your actually doing the movement right, what muscles your working or how you are supposed to do this for an hour whilst the old knee/ back/ elbow/ neck pain begins to resurface, you question ....


..."Is this really what improving my health feels like?" 

Well, these are all the things we dislike about group exercise, and all the things we seek to avoid. 


Athletic Ascension is HIT training with a twist, our focus is not on high intensity interval training (a horribly misused word in the fitness industry by the way!) we are focused upon....


High Intelligence Training 

What makes us different is we take the fundamental principles of movement  break them down and show you how you can execute the movement safely and apply adequate stress to make the muscles work and exercise worthwhile! 

We will teach you whilst you work out at a sensible intensity what to do and why! How to adjust to suit your level, ability and goals so you feel like a valued individual and not merely a number. 

Our goal is not to see how many KCALS you can burn in an hour or how much sweat you can lose doing burpees. 

Our goal is to help you build a strong resilient body, improve your Athleticism so you feel younger, stronger, more mobile and flexible all without trying to mindlessly destroy you. 

We want you to feel great not exhausted! Life is already tiring! 

What's included in the 6 week program?

  • Sign up to 4 classes per week. 

  • Choose from 8 sessions a week am/pm Monday - Saturday

  • Get access to our full nutritional guidance and learn the principles of weight loss so you never have to diet again! 

  • Accountability and tracking so we can measure and manage your progress

  • Facebook group for support Q&A to create clarity and confidence

  • Access to awesome coaches who truly care about your success!

  • Access to online workouts if you cannot make one of the 8 sessions or your away. 

And if all that isn't enough....

  • If you are unsatisfied or feel like the program was not worth it we offer a Money back guarantee!!

I know what your thinking, it sounds too good to be true! What is this going to cost me?


The cost?

We are offering all of this for $249!!! 

That means if you attend all 24 classes (4 x week for 6 weeks) thats $10.37 per class!!! 

And that's not even considering all the value you are getting from access to our online portal, support from the coaches and the benefits of being part of an awesome community!


Why so cheap? 


This is the inaugural Athletic Ascension 6 week challenge and we want to blow it out of the water and we do not want price to be a barrier!

Our mission is to provide the greatest environment for group training that makes you love exercise and improving your health and wellness! 

We know, even if you do not continue on as a member of our community you will leave with a new understanding of what you need to do to make real progress with your health and wellness goals! 





If your still not convinced but still very interested in the program and want to speak to one of our coaches simply fill in the form below and we will reach out to you! 


Please fill in the form below with any questions of concerns and we will get back to you asap! 

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Spaces are limited so  

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And we will be in touch with all the details to welcome you on board, get to know you and answer any questions. 

Whats days and times are the sessions? 


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7am


Monday 6pm, Tuesday 5pm, Wednesday 7pm, Thursday 7PM


Saturday 8am

*Times are subject to change to suit the demand