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New Years Resolutions and how not to fail!

Tis the Time to be Resolute!!

We have all been there, new year new me! I will get back into shape, I will exercise, I will (insert desire).

And do you know where else we have all been?…. February. After a month of destroying ourselves, dieting and denying that there is a simpler way we return to the exact mindset, routine and behaviors that we had last year.

Not only is this bad for our body, it also has a severe psychological impact on our confidence and belief in our ability to change! Without which, we never will!!

Now imagine, instead of asking “what exercise should I do” or “what food needs to be eliminated from my diet” you asked ....

“What can I do, that I enjoy and will make me healthier?”

This question will create a sense of autonomy, clarity and confidence that will then transpire into consistency.

Not many of us will endure something that makes them miserable for too long, and this is one of the reasons why 91% of people who set New Year resolutions fail to stick with it.

At Athletic Ascension, we offer all prospective clients an opportunity to sit down for a Road Mapping session to discuss:

  • Where are you right now?

  • Where do you want to be?

  • Why is this journey important to you.

  • What would be your ideal situation to get you there.

These amongst other questions allow us to get to know you better, and identify a realistic and achievable personal Road Map for your success.

Most other companies will tell you they have the solution and secret to weight loss ( doesn’t exist), whereas we take the tried and trusted Scientific principles of body composition change (less fat, more muscle = stronger, sexier, healthier self) and apply them to the individual they best way we can in an environment that is fun, safe and with a community of people who are awesome!

In addition to this we provide as much support as you need to make it past February and well into the New Year with a sense of self belief and confidence in your ability to change.

Whats the catch?........There isn't one. In fact you dont even need to leave your home! We ca do this session over zoom or in the gym. We just need 30 minutes of your time!

And if your worried about how much our Road mapping sessions cost…..….its completely free. We do not charge for this session because it allows us to reach more of our community, demonstrate our expertise and get to know our clients better! It’s a win win.

If your interested in booking your own Road Mapping session, simply fill out this form and we will be in touch to set up a time to talk!

Our whole goal of the session is to point you in the right direction regardless of whether we do business together or not!

Much Love



If your still hesitating, check out what our current clients are saying about us here.

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