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Something to remember.

Here is a message I shared with a client that was nice enough to share with the world....

‘You undertook this because you decided you love yourself enough to make a change.

You decided to redirect the energy you put into hating your body into something more meaningful and worthwhile.

Beneath all the insecurities you have right now lies potential, so take the necessary time to nurture this and I can guarantee you the decision to undertake this program will be one of the best ones you ever made.

You are beautiful, don’t let one day go by where you don’t treat or tell yourself this.

Never allow anyone or anything let you believe otherwise and we will work on depleting you’re internal and external environment from anything or anyone that makes you feel less than you are.

This is not not meant to be easy.

It takes time effort and energy, but if I was going to spend what I value on anything it would be my health and happiness.

The more of this you have, the more of it you can give.

You know what to do and I know you can do it so allow the frustration to evolve into focus and get to work.

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