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Athletic Ascension will be offering 2 options for Youth Athletes this Winter: 

1. No commitment 4-Week Training Blocks: 4, 8,12 session options. 

2. Elite Player Package: 16 weeks of unlimited training over the winter period. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Friday Night Athletic Ascension program has been cancelled until further notice.

Elite S&C.png

The Elite Player Program  

All the benefits of the Strength & Conditioning program with the added bonus of ....

  • 16 weeks of unlimited training 

  • Clinics with College coaches and former D1 athletes

  • For those with goals and aspirations of reaching their potential. 

  • Each player must apply upon an individual basis to ensure they are the right fit for this program. 

Winter S&C monthly .png

Strength & Conditioning 

  • Full Body Strength and Power

  • Enhancing Speed, Agility, Quickness, and Endurance

  • Safe, Effective Exercises and Workouts

  • Expert Coaching and Proper Technique Instruction 1 coach to 8 athletes. 

  • Optimal Nutrition and Eating Habits for Athletes

  • Reducing the Chance of Injury

  • Reinforcing Successful Habits, a Positive Attitude, and a Strong Work Ethic

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